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Bank on your home's value.

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Home Equity Loans

TruStone Financial helps you leverage your home's equity.

Do you have a large project or expense on the horizon? Your home can provide the equity you need for financing, and you can move forward with a quick application and closing process. For home improvements, education expenses, debt consolidation and more, you can benefit financially simply from owning your home. this is a test 2.74%1

Which Home Equity Loan works best for you?

We'll work with you to figure out if you'd benefit more from a home equity loan or a line of credit.

  Home Equity Installment Loan Home Equity Line of Credit
Overview Borrow up to your home's equity in one lump sum for any reason. Leverage your home'e equity and use it as a line of credit how you need it, when you need it.
Rates Fixed rate based on loan-to-value up to 90% Variable rate based on loan-to-value up to 90%

Make your home work for you.

Great Rates

Great Rates

Save money when you access your equity
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Borrowing Options

Borrowing Options

Receive a lump sum loan or revolving line of credit
Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

Fixed or variable rates available


Choose from a home equity installment loan or home equity line of credit

Find the right Home Equity Loan.

With TruStone, you can leverage your home's equity as a loan or line of credit, structured in a way that allows you to maximize its value. No matter what project you have in mind, a Home Equity Loan can be the perfect solution.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The actual rate is based on the applicant's credit and payment history and the length of the repayment period. Other terms and conditions may apply. This rate includes a .25% reduction for automatic loan repayment out of a TruStone Financial account and a .25% discount for an active TruStone Financial Visa Credit Card. Closing costs will typically range from $175.00 - $1200.00 depending on your loan amount and the location of the property. The property must be located in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Financing is available up to 90% of the appraised value. The minimum Home Equity amount is $10,000, and the maximum amount is $500,000. On the Home Equity Line of Credit you do not need to advance the funds until you need them.

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