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Our Story

Committed to your financial well-being and success.

It all began with a few teachers and a dream. Back in 1939, eight Minneapolis teachers decided to take control of their own financial security. They formed the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Credit Union. Over the years the credit union has endured name changes, added field of memberships and expanded across the Midwest. In 2020 a merger with Firefly Credit Union – Minnesota’s first financial cooperative – made us the second-largest credit union in the state. But your goals have always been our priority, and we exist to help you reach them.

As a not-for-profit financial institution, we're different from a bank because our members are our owners (people who live, work, worship, attend school, or volunteer in our membership area). Our profits are returned as competitive rates, higher investment returns and fewer fees. 

Our mission, vision, & values are at the heart of what we do.

They are equal parts of a whole and together they serve as a benchmark measuring our accuracy of brand execution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide simple and fairly priced financial tools that allow members to save, borrow and transact. We do this by engaging, educating and supporting our members to ensure they have the means to make their lives better.

Specifically providing:
• Convenient access to financial products and services through the internet, ATM, phone and full-service branches.
• Assistance by trained service professionals in matters of personal finance and rapport building.
• Resources that educate members and employees about how the financial system operates and how it can work for them.
• Compelling reasons to encourage people to save more of the money they earn.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a financial institution that people respect, admire, and want to associate with because of our attitude about money and our ability to simplify the banking process.

We are going to take a stand on matters of personal finance. We will encourage, promote, and celebrate the virtues of education, saving, and thrift. We aspire to an attitude about personal finance that is encouraging and contagious.

Our brand will be distinct and memorable because we know that the best financial institutions in the world – credit union or bank – are not successful because they confuse people or charge them hidden fees. They are successful simply because they encourage, inform, and facilitate.

Our Values
  • TEACH – We will support, educate and promote the virtues of education, saving and thrift for our members and employees to help in achieving a healthy financial well-being.
  • RELATIONSHIP – We value our relationships with our members and strive to strengthen our rapport with every opportunity and contact.
  • UNDERSTANDING – We are part of the community of our members and aim to understand individual needs in order to provide real solutions that help make our members’ financial lives stronger.
  • SAVINGS – We will provide products and services that encourage our members to save more. We will help our members plan creative and new savings strategies with competitive rates to support their financial goals.
  • TRANSPARENCY – We will be open and honest in explaining how the financial system works. Our products, services and fees will be straightforward. We will not rely on gimmicks to grow the business.

Great organizations start with great leadership.

We are proud of those who help guide TruStone forward every day.
To contact our Board of Directors, please send us a message.



Doug Nesbit - Chairman
Anne Ziebell - Vice Chair
Samuel L. Stern - Secretary
James Sackett - Treasurer
Thomas Alagna - Director
Stephen Bohlig - Director
John Christenson - Director
Kevin Crane - Director
Stephen Hunziker - Director
Evelyn Jones - Director
Darrick Metz - Director
Bruce Whitmore - Director
Kristine Ziccardi - Director
Nicole Anthony - Associate Director
John Fraser - Associate Director
Lorrie Oelkers - Associate Director
Stuart Simek - Associate Director
Jennifer Whitlock - Associate Director


Teena Buenviaje-Liu - Supervisory Committee Chair
Brian Lee - Supervisory Committee Secretary
Lori Bonin - Associate Supervisory Committee Member
Esmail Harunany - Supervisory Committee Member
Bob Larson - Supervisory Committee Member
Leonard Newman - Supervisory Committee Member

Dale Turner - President and Chief Executive Officer
Leon Eichten - EVP/Chief Accounting Officer
Nathan Grunzke - EVP/Chief Mortgage Officer
Cole Hahn - EVP/Chief People Officer
Hans Iverson - EVP/Chief Operations Officer
Gary Jeter - EVP/Chief Technology Officer
Marty Kelly - EVP/Chief Marketing Officer
Kelly Robbert - EVP/Chief Experience Officer
Steve Steen - EVP/Chief Business Officer 
Phil Young - EVP/Chief Legal Counsel
Daniel Zaczkowski - EVP/Chief Investment Officer

There is no financial institution quite like a credit union.

While we are similar to banks in the services we offer, our structure and our mission are very different.
We also love sharing our knowledge of the credit union difference. Ask us to learn more.

Credit Unions




Profits return to members as lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, & lower/fewer fees

Return profits to a small group of stockholders

Invests directly back to members

Invests in corporate bonds or the stock market

Serves a specific field of membership (TruStone, for example, serves the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, and Milwaukee area.)

Serves general public

Members "own" a stake in the organization

Controlled by stockholders and paid officials

Member service-driven


Federally insured by NCUA

Federally insured by FDIC

Volunteer member-elected Board of Directors represents interests of members

Paid Board of Directors represents owners; customers without voting privileges

Enjoy a brighter experience.


Your Neighborhood Credit Union

For more than 80 years, TruStone Financial has worked to improve the financial well-being of our neighbors. From your first checking account, home loan or auto loan, to intuitive digital banking, we have the products, services and technology to make managing your money simple. Learn more about becoming a member.